Prime Suspension - Dedicated Street Version

Prime Suspension is an excellent suspension solution for those who demand an enhanced ride quality without sacrificing control. With over a decade of shock building experience, Prime Suspension has optimized the delicate balance between reliable longevity and performance. Whether the objective is to lower a vehicle for the street, hot lap at the track, or drift around corners; Prime Suspension dampers offer the versatility and capability needed to succeed.
• 24 Step Damping Adjustability
• Height Adjustable Independent of Preload
• Pillowball and Camber Plates when Applicable
• Dampers Valved to Spring Rate
• Monotube Damper Design
• Custom Spring Rates Available with Swift Spring Upgrade
• 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 
• Rebuildable at the Fortune Auto North American Facility
Custom spring rates are only available with Swift Spring Upgrade.**

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